Healthy pre-made meals delivered straight to you.

Our mission is to feed a healthier Australia, and this is just one of the ways we’re doing it - a new style of prepared meals packed with the goodness of wholefoods.

A whole range of options, including 20+ meals, snacks, drinks and our organic coffee

Let us take the stress out of mealtime by doing the shopping, cooking and cleaning for you. Our chefs prepare high quality meals that don’t compromise on flavour or health, created with your wellbeing in mind. Did we mention we deliver them straight to your door?

How it works

1. Place your order

Select from our retail range - coffee, muesli and snacks, add to your cart and make payment.

2. We deliver to your door

Sit back and relax - we’ll ship your order straight to your door via Australia Post.

3. Enjoy.

Savour the goodness of our delicious, nutrient-forward snacks, made with your wellbeing in mind.


Oliver’s has long believed in the healing power of nutrition. It’s the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, and integral to every meal that we make.

From our Thai Green Chicken to our Verry Berry Energy Balls, each item on our menu is nutritionist-approved and packed with fresh, minimally processed ingredients you can trust. Full flavour, bright colour, and locally and ethically sourced produce wherever possible.

A lot of ready-made meals claim to be healthy but are full of hidden nasties. You won’t find that with Oliver’s - we’re uncompromising in our principles and in our approach to your wellbeing. No fillers, no added preservatives, no synthetics - just nourishing wholefoods prepared with care.

And we’re passionate about bringing good to everyone, so our balanced menus cater to every dietary requirement, allergen or preference. It’s the goodness of home cooking, led by nature.


What is the order cut-off time and delivery date?

Our order cut-off is Sunday at 10PM (AEST), and delivery is between the following Saturday and Monday. You’ll receive tracking information so you can track your delivery.

What happens if i miss the order cut off?

If you miss the order cut off time of 10PM Sunday, your order will be included in the following week’s delivery schedule.

Do your meals arrive fresh or frozen?

All our Oliver’s meals arrive fresh, however they are able to be stored in the freezer if you know you won’t be eating them immediately.

How long do my meals last for?

Just check the best before date on the label.

Can I freeze my meals?

Of course! All Oliver’s meals are able to be stored in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy. To defrost, remove from the freezer and store in the fridge overnight. Your meals will be ready for microwaving the next day.

How do I heat up my meals?

Simply place into the microwave for 3 minutes and it’s ready. If needed, microwave for another 30 seconds.

Are your meals gluten/dairy/nut free?

We know everyone’s diets, preferences or allergies are different. It’s why we offer a variety of products for all different dietary needs, including gluten, dairy and nut free! Please check each product for the specific details.

Are your meat suppliers halal?


Why are Oliver’s meals healthy?

All meals are designed by our Accredited Practising Dietitian. We use high quality ingredients and avoid artificial additives and preservatives. We have a wholefoods approach and focus on providing a variety of different vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts and seeds so each meal is nutrient dense packed full of vitamins and minerals.