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Coffee Ground - Organic Arabica <p style="color:red">Decaffeinated</p>

Coffee Ground - Organic Arabica


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  • Smooth and Silky with hints of dark cacao, papaya and a bright note of citrus.

    Green beans, sourced from small, high altitude, organic producers in Peru, are put through a unique triple cleaning method to rid them of any foreign matter collected during harvest. This is followed by a distinctive local roasting process that achieves a consistent and indulgent brew.

    Oliver's coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified Organic. Every time you sip it's rich, velvety crema you are supporting the livelihoods of people who's forested coffee farms protect hundreds of tree species, rare birds, wild cats, postcard-sized butterflies, colourful frogs, monkeys and seldom-seen orchids. Now that really is a GOOD cup of coffee.

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