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Oliver's Real Crisps - Organic Food Delivered - Oliver's Real Food
Crisps - Oliver's Marlborough Sea Salt

Crisps - Oliver's Marlborough Sea Salt

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We're tired of settling for over processed, artificially flavoured potato chips so we decided to make our own.

We travelled the world in a quest to find truly outstanding crisps and then we came across Proper Crisps in New Zealand. They use the finest New Zealand potatoes and the best quality sunflower oil to make great crisps using an old traditional crisp fryer that they found in the USA. After a lot of experimentation, they succeeded in making a product that everyone was happy with and called them 'crisps' rather than 'chips' to make the distinction between these delicious crunchy hand cooked marvels and mass produced chips.

Oliver's Real Crisps are made the traditional way using only natural ingredients and we want to keep it that way. We hope you enjoy them.

100% natural, no compromises!

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